At Vantage Homes, we have mastered the art of listening. … From the day we opened our homebuilding company in Colorado Springs in 1983, our customers became our most important priority. Their input and perspective has enabled us to create imaginative new home designs that really work for the way they want to live.

Over the years we’ve learned that listening and paying attention to the details has reaped big rewards … customer satisfaction, to be exact: Over 99% of our customers are willing to refer us to their friends and family. We’ll never stop listening and never lose sight of what got us to where we are today.

Since we’re a Colorado Springs homebuilder and we share the same hometown as you, we’re invested in preserving the quality of life that attracts people to Colorado Springs. We live here, we work here, and we care.

Our commitment to standards in the construction industry.

2017 winner of the prestigious Customer Satisfaction Award, Vantage Homes uses only the highest ethical standards and remains committed to the constant improvement of the new home industry. A member of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado, we are also involved in the Housing and Building Association’s numerous technical committees, such as Code Review and Land Use and Utilities, in order to stay apprised of the bureaucratic issues that drive up housing costs.

We also keep equally informed about the constant stream of new home products and construction methodologies, all with an eye toward making your new Vantage home in Colorado Springs the best it can be.

The beauty of your new home from Vantage Homes is more than skin deep.

Products that go into a Vantage Home are chosen not for price but for quality assurance, structural integrity, low maintenance or energy efficiency. There is incredible technology hidden away in the walls, roofs and floor systems of your home. Once the home is finished you won’t be able to see it, but you’ll know it’s there.